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The flower delivery services market for Bucharest (and Romania) is growing at an impressive rate year by year. In this growing market, 123Flori.ro it's positioned as a premium service provider and is one of the leasing sites for this service. The 123Flori online flower shop provides a full range of services, from simple flowers delivery to complex prepaid services for companies

Why an online florist in Bucharest?

The advantages of an online florist for flower delivery in Bucharest are many, starting with less necessary time for an order of flowers and various payment methods to a wide range of products, much larger a flower shop on the street. The flower delivery service to Bucharest from 123Flori.ro includes daily deliveries of flowers up to corporate services for companies in Bucharest and event organizers in Romania.
Red rose
Price 149,50 Lei
Your bouquet of roses where you can configure the number and color of flowers depending of occasion and the person that will receive it. Product approx. sizes: height ~40cm;
Special arrangement
Price 534,70 Lei
19 passionate roses arranged in a delicate basket fit for any occasion, it will say: I Love You! Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~30cm;
Rose boot with candies on Saint Nocholas
Price 114,87 Lei
From now on, Saint Nicholas will not only fill your beloved wife's boots with candy and gifts, he will also deliver the boots himself!
Bouquet of 101 freesias
Price 819,30 Lei
only 696,40 Lei
A beautiful and colorful bouquet of 101 freesias! Product approx. sizes: height ~45cm; diameter ~40cm;
Basket with drawing tools
Price 139,90 Lei
A lovely basket with colorful autumn chrysanths, an original gift for the beggining of a new school year. Or for an onorary student with remarkable scholar achievements. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; diameter ~20cm;
A bunch of 11 tulips
Price 129,50 Lei
A splendid bouquet of tulips which heralds her the coming of the spring. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~20cm;
Snowman made out of chrysanths and carnations
Price 374,30 Lei
A lovely snowman made out white chrysanths and carnations and complete with various Christmas decorations. Designed to bring a warm and cozy surrounding in your home on Christmas day. Product approx. sizes: height ~55cm; width ~25cm;
Warm colors
Price 374,90 Lei
11 beautiful lilies that will tell the loved person your feelings. Product approx. sizes: height ~40cm; diameter ~30cm;