Flower orders

Ordering flowers. Customer benefits and the challenges of flowershops.

Online flower orders is for customers one of the easiest ways they can buy bouquets and floral arrangements. The wide range of products and the fact that tyey can customize the bouquets are very good enough reasons for customers to choose this delivery method. Online flowershops face the challenges of meeting the most varied requirements and personalization of orders as well as flower stocks witch are known to be among the most perishable. So logistics for a premium service like this becomes so important.

Why sending flowers in Bucharest with 123flori.ro is an advantage?

123Flori has become in recent years a high-end service for delivery of flowers, offering fresh bouquets and arrangements and increasingly complex services for customer. Besides delivering flowers for personal occasions, 123Flori expanded segment orders flowers for weddings and christenings, private parties and PR events, providing comprehensive services for these segments, including transportation to the location but also consulting for floral design.

Christmas star
Price 129,70 Lei
A flower in a pot that blooms only around the winter holidays. Height: ~ 70 cm
Red roses bunch
Price 319,21 Lei
only 271,32 Lei
Words are not enoguh to express your unlimited love? Let the flowers speak on your behalf through this special bouquet. Product approx. sizes: height ~40cm; diameter ~30cm;
Zambile si frezii
Price 234,91 Lei
only 211,42 Lei
A basket full with spring flowers, full of colors and perfumed. A perfect gift for any occasion. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; lenght ~22cm;
Bunnies in a vase
Price 249,50 Lei
A vase decorated with cute bunnies and a mix of flowers that will give color to you easter holidays! Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~25cm;
Orchids and craspedia
Price 119,70 Lei
Orchis and craspedia creatively woven on a special vase, to bring a big smile in a cloudy day. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; diameter ~15cm;
Cup full of color
Price 119,80 Lei
A cup filled with multicolored chrysanths. Product approx. sizes: height ~15cm; diameter ~10cm;
Price 239,80 Lei
For an enjoyable and cozy ambient in your home you can send this special bouquet along with the elegant vase. Product approx. sizes: height ~50cm; diameter ~40cm;
Price 138,48 Lei
A white flower arrangement perfect for the winter holidays. The mix of lilies and chrysanthemums is very well balanced thus creating a table arrangement suited for any type of event.