Online flowershop

Online Florist. How do you surprise your loved ones with a few click from your computer.

Online flower shops have the great advantage of a broad range of products rather than a traditional florist where there is a somewhat more restricted range of bouquets and arrangements. Although some online forists and online flower orders act only as brokers, intermediaries between customers and "street" florists most online florist in the market already own production facilities and work with stocks of flowers that are imported, or of domestic origin, with the possibility of delivery of a wide range of products. 123Flori has professional storage space for flowers in stock and floral designers dedicated to online store offers guaranteed delivery of quality products displayed on the site in 2-4 hours after confirmation of payment.

Online flower orders. How to

With minor differences, online ordering process is similar to all florists. Bouquet choice is the first, by the type of flowers witch are preferred, either by occasion, select the color of flowers and also additional products if they are available (teddy bear, candy, etc..) followed by the recipient info (address, phone, delivery time, etc.). 123Flori also offers a card which is printed a congratulatory message, this service is free of charge here. Also at 123Flori you can choose a delivery time for your order.

Teddy bear made out of chrysanths
Price 534,50 Lei
A fluffy, adorable teddy bear made out of chrysanths. Product approx. sizes: height ~40cm; width ~30cm;
Breezy and sweet
Price 89,20 Lei
A flower arrangement with pink chyrsanths and yellow orchids. Product approx. sizes: height ~15cm; diameter ~20cm;
Cactus in pot
Price 54,50 Lei
A cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae. Their distinctive appearance is a result of adaptions to conserve water in dry and/or hot environments. Cactus flowers are large, and like the spines arise from distinctive features called areoles. Estimated height: 25 cm
Pink savour
Price 154,20 Lei
Fresh, elegant, shinny, these tulips will enchant her eyes. Product approx. sizes: height ~50cm; diameter ~40cm;
Price 129,31 Lei
A brilliant flower arrangement with white cymbidium orchids and eucalyptus leaves. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; diameter ~25cm;
Christmas flowers
Price 162,47 Lei
The most appropiate flowers for the Christmas dinner, red roses, brunia, pine tree, pine cones, and the traditional holly all carefully placed in a square transparent vase.
Box with drawing tools
Price 89,60 Lei
A box filled with chrysanths and tehnical drawing supplies, an original way to welcome someone back to school. Product approx. sizes: height ~10cm; diameter ~20cm;
Christmas decoration with cinnamon and candles
Price 71,30 Lei
A simple flower arrangement with evergreen tree branches, cinnamon and a big white candle in the middle, for a very intimate and relaxed Christmas.