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The flower delivery services market for Bucharest (and Romania) is growing at an impressive rate year by year. In this growing market, 123Flori.ro it's positioned as a premium service provider and is one of the leasing sites for this service. The 123Flori online flower shop provides a full range of services, from simple flowers delivery to complex prepaid services for companies

Why an online florist in Bucharest?

The advantages of an online florist for flower delivery in Bucharest are many, starting with less necessary time for an order of flowers and various payment methods to a wide range of products, much larger a flower shop on the street. The flower delivery service to Bucharest from 123Flori.ro includes daily deliveries of flowers up to corporate services for companies in Bucharest and event organizers in Romania.
Flower arrangement with cymbidium orchids and chrysanths
Price 144,89 Lei
A sophisticated and daring flower arrangement with orchids and chrysanths fit for any occasion. Product approx. sizes: height ~18cm; diameter ~18cm;
Red roses vase
Price 379,40 Lei
A special gift for a special person: beautiful 7 roses bouquet, one teddy bear and sweet candies. Tell her how much you love her with this full of romance gift. Product approx. sizes: height ~35cm; diameter ~25cm;
Yellow calla bouquet
Price 369,70 Lei
A sunny and elegant flower bouqet with yellow callas and black aspidistra. Product approx. sizes: height ~35cm; diameter ~30cm;
Yucca in a flowerpot
Price 219,31 Lei
Yucca Stam comes from Mexic and Guatemala. It is a tropical apartment plant and needs a lot of natural light. Estimated height: 90 cm
Price 159,60 Lei
A flower arrangement made out of cymbidium orchids, corylius branches decorated with billy buttons, solidago and hypericum berries. Product approx. sizes: height ~35cm; diameter ~20cm;
Love 45
Price 1.594,20 Lei
A very pleasant and indedite way to tell: I love you! I give you my heart! 45 roses full with passion. Product approx. sizes: height ~12cm; diameter ~50cm;
Vase with red carnations
Price 214,90 Lei
A romantic bouquet in a vase, with red carnations shaped as a heart. Product approx. sizes: height ~45cm; diameter ~25cm;
Colorful basket
Price 259,71 Lei
A colorful basket with roses, chrysanths, gerbera, a chocolate bunny, Raffello candy bar and a bottle of champagne. Product approx. sizes: height ~25cm; diameter ~20cm;