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Bucharest Florist. How 123Flori gets rid of your headache.

123Flori is a Bucharest flosit for over three years. Online purchase process very easy, various payment methods and especially the quality of services, noticed already existing and loyal customers make the choices 123Flori a premium when it comes to flower delivery in Bucharest. Whether you want a romantic bouquet of roses or a floral arrangement of tropical flowers business in 123Flori product range you can find what you want, and where additional products can be purchased complete with flowers in a happy way a gift addressee will not look too soon.

Why not deliver flowers from the street corner?

eCommerce in .ro one of thesegments with the highest growth rate. Flowers online orders are among the most important segments in terms of growth, increasing by over 100% market every year. The advantages are manifold, from the wide range of products can be ordered all tye way up to the short time of order and delivery to a desired address, services that "street" florists do not offer him most times. Also, experience in fulfilling orders from abroad are coming online florist only viable option for remote delivery of flowers for your loved ones are in the country.

Price 339,60 Lei
A cute and funny present for newlyweds. Product approx. sizes: lenght ~30cm; height ~25cm;
Price 114,89 Lei
A flower arrangement in autumn colors, with green and orange chrysants and yellow cymbidium orchids. Product approx. sizes: height ~15cm; diameter ~15cm;
Gift basket
Price 239,20 Lei
A gift basket with a chocolate bunny, a bottle of champagne and lots of colorful flowers! Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~25cm;
Flower arrangement
Price 189,90 Lei
How would it be to see every day and every hour a sunrise? Great, right? To be with you everywhere and to smile to you when you are sad, and to bring only joy and happiness. Let us take care of this. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; diameter ~20cm;
Price 274,20 Lei
only 205,66 Lei
This bunch of multicoloured tulips are perfect if you want to cheer up your dearest one. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~30cm;
yellow cymbidium orchids
Price 199,71 Lei
A flower bowl with a cymbidium flower and decorative stones Product approx. sizes: height ~10cm; diameter ~10cm;
Bunnies in a vase
Price 249,50 Lei
A vase decorated with cute bunnies and a mix of flowers that will give color to you easter holidays! Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~25cm;
Flower arrangement with liatris and cymbidium orchids
Price 144,60 Lei
A flower arrangement suitable for a reception or a very sophisticated gift, with liatris flowers and cymbidium orchids. Product approx. sizes: lenght ~25cm; height ~15cm;