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Christmas flower arrangements

Christmas wreaths, flower arrangements and floral decorations for the winter holidays, all you find the offer online florist 123Flori. 123Flori offers solutions for all tastes and budgets decoration, Christmas wreaths desig the most desired and acquired in previous years. Select the room below and for special offers, please contact us.
Christmas flower arrangement with pine tree and holly
Price: 71,50 Lei
A rich flower arrangement with cymbiidum orchids, cinnamon, holly and colorful Christmas decorations.
Price: 269,40 Lei
A funny puppy made out of chrysanths with reindeer ears and a red nose, that will surely make her laugh out loud! Product approx. sizes: height ~25cm; width ~35cm;
Christmas dinner flower arrangement
Price: 52,49 Lei
A flower arangement made out of natural pine tree, cinnamon and a bright red candle that will create a fairytale feeling right in your living room.
Christmas magic
Price: 109,79 Lei
Christmas's magic all wrapped up into one red bag with christmas tree, christmas decorations, holly, candy cones, white orchids and a very charming and cheery snowman!
Golden wreath
Price: 56,81 Lei
A Christmas golden wreath ideal to be given as a present or to be used for decorating your doors or interiors.
Presents in a box
Price: 157,96 Lei
A box filled with red roses, orchids, pine cones, pine tree, candy canes, holly and christmas decoration!
Puppy Christmas
Price: 304,60 Lei
If you're not sure you want to get her a puppy for Christmas, at least then get her a puppy made out flowers, with a cute Santa hat, and a warm and shy look on his face that is just begging for a loving home! Product approx. sizes: height ~25cm; width ~35cm;
Charmed chest
Price: 114,80 Lei
A chest that could almost fit all of Christmas's magic in it, little red christmas decorations, ilex, pine tree and a lovely yellow orchid flower to brighten everything up. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; lenght ~25cm;
Christmas wreath
Price: 104,99 Lei
A Christmas wreath with a rough lenght of 1 m, decorated with cinnamon rolls, brunia, holly, pine cones and a very funny Santa Clause figurine.
Merry Christmas
Price: 138,67 Lei
A box with champagne, white cymbidium orchids, holly and pine tree, a present that will surely not go unoticed this Christmas!
Christmas candle decoration
Price: 85,61 Lei
Christmas decoration with evergreen tree branches, cinnamon, a candle and a green apple. Perfect for any occasion.
Christmas flowers
Price: 162,47 Lei
The most appropiate flowers for the Christmas dinner, red roses, brunia, pine tree, pine cones, and the traditional holly all carefully placed in a square transparent vase.
Christmas star
Price: 74,90 Lei
A flower in a pot that can only bloom during the winter. Height: ~ 30 cm
Snowman made out of chrysanths and carnations
Price: 374,30 Lei
A lovely snowman made out white chrysanths and carnations and complete with various Christmas decorations. Designed to bring a warm and cozy surrounding in your home on Christmas day. Product approx. sizes: height ~55cm; width ~25cm;
Decorated Christmas tree in a flowerpot
Price: 152,78 Lei
A Christmas tree in a flowerpot decorated with ribbons and other christmas ornaments.
Christmas wreath with snowman decoration
Price: 52,59 Lei
A pleasingly pretty Christmas wreath with a snowman figurine, cones and other accesories that
Christmas decoration with apples, cinnamon and orchids
Price: 47,50 Lei
A christmas arrangement with red apples, cymbidium orchids, a white candle and cinnamon.
Basket with roses and carnations
Price: 194,70 Lei
A basket with roses, carnations, evergreen tree branches, candy canes and other Christmas decorations. Ideal for a holiday gift. Product approx. sizes: height ~25cm; diameter ~30cm;
Golden Christmas tree
Price: 152,88 Lei
A Christmas tree decorated with golden ornaments.
Christmas box
Price: 157,77 Lei
A box with christmas decorations in which you will find 3 white cymbidium orchids, a bottle of Henkell champagne, pine tree and holly.
Christmas carol
Price: 162,85 Lei
A special Christmas present with red roses, white cymbidium orchids, brunia, pine tree and pine cones and satin ribbons!
Santa Claus wreath
Price: 52,49 Lei
A Christmas wreath with a funny Santa Claus figurine, cinnamon and various bows and ribbons. An ideal way to accesorize your home for the holidays.
Basket with chrysanths and carnations
Price: 144,70 Lei
Basket with carnations, chrysanths and Christmas accesories, a wonderful holiday gift for that very special person in your life. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~25cm;
Mini Christmas tree
Price: 52,30 Lei
A tiny christmas tree made out of natural pine tree decorated with traditional christmas decorations, brunia, cinnamon and a cymbidium orchid.
Puppy made out of chrysanths
Price: 219,50 Lei
A cute and adorable puppy made out of white chrysanths and red carnations, just begging to be taken home! Product approx. sizes: height ~25cm; width ~30cm;