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Christmas flower arrangements

Christmas wreaths, flower arrangements and floral decorations for the winter holidays, all you find the offer online florist 123Flori. 123Flori offers solutions for all tastes and budgets decoration, Christmas wreaths desig the most desired and acquired in previous years. Select the room below and for special offers, please contact us.
Blue Christmas wreath
Price: 57,30 Lei
A blue Christmas wreath filled with blue ribbons and snowmen, perfect for a cheery holiday spirit.
Christmas tree made out of chrysanths and roses
Price: 167,75 Lei
A very special Christmas tree made out chrysanths, mini roses and christmas decorations. A trully unique gift for the holidays.
Bradut de Craciun cu decoratiuni albastre
Price: 148,46 Lei
A Christmas tree decorared with several bleu ornaments.
Festive flower arrangement for the holidays
Price: 52,49 Lei
A flower arrangement made out of cinnamon, holly, cymbidium orchids and a green apple.
Price: 439,21 Lei
A splendid flower arrangement made out of red roses and chrysanths. Product approx. sizes: height ~40cm; diameter ~30cm;
Decorated Christmas tree in a flowerpot
Price: 76,29 Lei
A 30 cm Christmas tree in a flowerpot decorated with various ornaments.
Gift with roses
Price: 66,79 Lei
A sweet and lovely present for the holiday with pink roses, satin ribbons and christmas decorations!
Christmas arrangement with apples and ilex
Price: 62,28 Lei
A Christmas arrangement with apples, cinnamon, holly and accesories.
Little Princess pink ribbons
Price: 284,90 Lei
A cute puppy with many pink ribbons made out of chrysanths and carnations. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; width ~25cm;
Golden gift
Price: 67,08 Lei
A wonderful gift that will fill your family Christmas dinner with light and beauty!
Red wreath
Price: 56,81 Lei
A red Christmas wreath, in a warm combination of colors that will welcome your guests in a suprinsingly pleasent manner.
Christmas decoration with cinnamon and candles
Price: 71,30 Lei
A simple flower arrangement with evergreen tree branches, cinnamon and a big white candle in the middle, for a very intimate and relaxed Christmas.
Gift with orchids and santini
Price: 37,62 Lei
Cymbidium orchids mixed with fresh green chrysanths, red christmas decorations and satin ribbons, a trully wonderful surpise for your loved ones on the holidays.
Kalanchoe in a pot
Price: 52,40 Lei
A flower in a pot decorated with ribbons and Christmas decorations, a perfect gift for the holidays!
Violet Saintpaulia in a pot
Price: 47,89 Lei
The African violet is a pot flower that originated the east of Africa and it is especially famous for its bright colored petals. An unique gift that will remind our loved ones of you for a very long time!
Gift with orchids
Price: 52,21 Lei
A special gift made out of dendrobium orchids with satin ribbon and christmas decorations, a glamorous present meant to please just about anyone!
Gift with chrysants
Price: 47,60 Lei
A distinguised holiday present made out of chrysants, golden ribbons, christmas decorations, cinnamon rolls and lollipops
Roses in basket
Price: 143,67 Lei
A very special Christmas basket with pine branches, three red roses and white chrysanthemums perfect as a business gift. Product approx. sizes: height ~20cm; diameter ~15cm;
Christmas arrangement with chocolates
Price: 158,15 Lei
A floral arrangement with roses and Heidi chocolates for a very happy Christmas, spent with family and friends.
Christmas green wreath
Price: 66,99 Lei
A special Christmas present, perfect for winter holidays.
Chrystmas flower arrangement
Price: 62,28 Lei
A flower arrangement for the Christmas holidays with fir, red roses and white chrysanthemums.
Chistmas wreath
Price: 56,91 Lei
Christmas Wreath with blue decorations and tinsel.
Christmas arrangement with tree ornament
Price: 114,87 Lei
Christmas flower arrangement with tree ornaments, red roses and white chrysanthemums perfect for a special holiday gift.
Christmas wreath with red decorations
Price: 47,31 Lei
Wreaths are one of the most beautiful Christmas present and decoration.
Christmas flower arrangement
Price: 148,18 Lei
A Christmas flower arrangement with red roses, pine tree branches and a snow man in order to spread the joy of the holidays.