Common Questions

  1. Can I send flowers if I'm not in the country?
  2. What are the payment possibilities?
  3. What are the delivery methods?
  4. 123flori.ro are has special offers or discounts?
  5. More information (who we are)
  6. Flower Care
Can I send flowers if I'm not in the country?
You can send flowers from anywhere in the world. You must have a Visa, MasterCard credit card (regardless of the currency in which it is delivered) and write into the order form the delivery address. If you don't feel comfortable reading prices in RON, all prices on the Bucuresti.ro Flowers are also in USD and EUR.

What are the payment possibilities?
You can pay with any credit card or by bank order
Online payment is the most simple and easy method. To make a payment with your card must select the method of payment - payment online and click Finalize order button. Then you will be redirected to a secure link of the card payment form.
Payment by bank order is made according to data from the proforma invoice, and displayed in the page "About Us". Orders will be delivered after we receive the payment confirmation by fax (+4)021.456.05.54 or email [email protected]
Discount coupons offer special offers and discounts for the 123flori.ro customers. If you have received such a coupon, you can use it in the specially created field in the order form.

What are the delivery methods?
Delivery is made only in Bucharest and it is free.
Usually, the delivery can be done in no more than 4 hours from the time we've received the payment confirmation. Delivery can be done between 09 and 18, Monday to Friday. There are no week-end deliveries available. For same day delivery, please send the payment confirmation before 16:00. For deliveries between 09-10 the next day after the order is placed, please send the payment confirmation before 16.00, the current day.
Deliveries in areas bordering Bucharest are charged a fee of 30 RON (including VAT).

123flori.ro are has special offers or discounts?
Periodically, on the site there will be special offers or price reductions. Some of them are public, others are intended for clients and subscribers to our newsletter. The best way to take advantage of offers or discounts is to subscribe to our newsletter. The special offers are valid untill the last working day of the current month if not specified otherwise.

More information
You can contact us from Monday to Friday (09:00-18:00 time interval) to the following numbers:
  • (+4)021.456.13.60 / Fax: (+4)021.456.05.54
  • (+4)0749.69.03.03
sau email:
  • [email protected]
Billing information of the company are:

Bucharest, District 6, Bozieni Street, No. 2, Flat 833, Floor 8, Ap 97
CUI 24873061
Number in register of commerce: J40/20925/16.12.2008
Account: RO11 BRDE 410S V242 0012 4100 opened at BRD, Mihail Sebastian Branch

Flower Care
  • It is recommended to cut the flower stems under fresh water and keep them there for at least another ten minutes. Afterward, spray some fresh water over the flowers and keep them in chilly room.
  • The water from the vase should be room temperature, 20-22 degrees Celsius, because hot water is more rapidly absorbed by flowers. Therefore, the substance level increases and flowers will not wilt as quickly.
  • You should also keep in mind not to cover the flower stems with more than 10 cm of water, a higher level increasing also the risk of rotten.
  • You should also give your flowers fresh water every day. It is also recommended to cut 2-3 cm of the stem every 2-3 days. Once the flowers you have received started to wilt there is a simple solution to revitalize them. Put the flower stems in hot boiled water and keep them there for nearly a minute.
  • Although it is hard to believe, vodka and gin are also helpful when it comes to revitalizing the wilt flowers. All you have to do is dip the flower stems in a glass of vodka or gin, and afterward put them in fresh water.
  • In order to preserve cut flowers longer you can add to one liter of water, two spoons of lemon juice, one spoon of sugar and half of an Aspirin, that is said to reduce the bacterias that grow in the water. In case you don't have aspirin you can also use half a spoon of laundry bleach. The mix of water and Aspirin above should be changed once every 4 or 5 days.