Bucharest florists. Deliveries of flowers that will save time.

Florists in Bucharest are not a new business. Since the earliest periods existed in neighborhoods selected Bucharest's shops specialize in selling flowers. Home delivery services for flowers at home occurred but somewhat recently and there is an offer increasingly complete bouquets and floral arrangements for different occasions can be ordered from florists and delivered home at a specified date.
After 2004-2005 there are flower shops that have opened sites provide order catalogs to potential customers, many of which offer even pay with your credit card.
A market segment separately is the online shops that offer for sale bouquets and arrangements just online, either through intermediaries or by own production facilities without street outlets in Bucharest.

Online florsts gain advantage

Although online florist segment is now under 25% of the total trade of flowers in Bucharest, the market is growing and competition is becoming increasingly sharp. 123Flori.ro opted from the start to a production center and its dedicated delivery team, and the turnover of the site doubled from one year to another, confirming that the online florist will become increasingly used by customers who want to make a careful choice in front of computer and interested persons of quality products.

Flowers looking tasty
Price 234,20 Lei
For the most important person in your life, the one that took care of you, the one that understood you, that stood besides you when in difficult moments, she deserves to be enchanted with this joyfull arragement that will take, for some moments, off her mind daily concerns. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~30cm;
Price 114,80 Lei
9 gladiator's flowers, symbol of sincerity will help you to reveal your respect and admiration towards your colleagues, manager and definitely your family. Product approx. sizes: height ~40cm; diameter ~30cm;
Orchid flower arrangement
Price 314,60 Lei
The arrangement is full of nobles, the roses and the orchids will make a special gift fit for any occasion. Product approx. sizes: height ~25cm; diameter ~20cm;
Price 174,89 Lei
A special tulips floral arrangement that will bring spring smile inside your house. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~25cm;
Yucca in a flowerpot
Price 219,31 Lei
Yucca Stam comes from Mexic and Guatemala. It is a tropical apartment plant and needs a lot of natural light. Estimated height: 90 cm
Freesias bouquet
Price 464,90 Lei
The elegance of a wedding dress is incarnated in this indedited bouquet of freesias. You can send this flowers to the person you care for in order to symbolise you respect and appreciation. Product approx. sizes: height ~50cm; diameter ~40cm;
Price 119,30 Lei
A flower arrangement fulll of grace with chrysanths, orchids and craspedia. Product approx. sizes: height ~10cm; diameter ~15cm;
Christmas wreath decoration
Price 47,60 Lei
A special Christmas present, perfect for winter holidays.