How to buy flowers?

How to buy a flower bouquet or a gift?

  • Your first order at 123Flori.ro?

    • Yes, first time here!
      You do not need to do anything, not even register! See below how you select your favorite products.
    • No, I've been here before!
      Perfect! If so, you already have an account previous orders. You can access the top page in the "Client login" where you can login with your email address registered with us and the automatically generated password from the first order: if your email is [email protected], then your password is john.doe. If you have changed your password but have forgotten it, then you can ask the same section change it!
  • Choose your favorite product selection available on the site!

    • From the homepage select either a favorite product or enter the desired category from the menu and submenu!
    • Click on product picture for details!

  • Like a product? View details of and order it!

    • On each product's page you'll find the price, product photos and information
    • Select the date and place of delivery. Please note that not all products can be delivered anywhere and any day. If your product can not be delivered in the interval and the selected location, we automatically offer you some suggestions!
    • Select any additional products you want: it's always a good idea to order a champagne, a box of chocolates or a cake with the flowers! See what she would like and click "Add" next to each product. Prices updates automatically
    • Select Order & checkout!

  • Fill in the necessary data for the order!

    • Step 1: Fill in the delivery address. Try to fill as correct as possible also it is important to have a valid phone number of the recipient. Any order by phone to confirm the recipient before delivery, without revealing the nature of delivery. We do not process orders without the recipient's phone number!
    • Step 2: Fill out a message to the recipient and it will be printed on a card. Then fill in the name you want to sign your message with, or leave blank for the message to be anonymous!
      If you want to get an SMS notification delivery, select the respective option at this step and make sure to leave your phone number correctly.
    • Step 3: Fill in your data to contact you and inform you about your order. If desired, fill in the company data to be billed for the order. Invoices not sent by post office / courier!
    • Step 4: Select how you want to pay, leave us any other observations about the order, read the terms and conditions of use for the site. If you agree with them, click the option.
      If you have previously received a discount code from us, then insert it into that field and hit "Apply" to calculate your discount (attention, if not press the button then apply the discount is not calculated!).
      Recheck all data (product quantity, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and click Checkout.

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